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The Offroader  has made a name for itself as a classic and reliable scooter. 


Our offroader is  equipped with hydraulic brake system to give you the quick braking power.

The Offroader  is available in two brand new color options. Choose from a metallic blue or red to suit your style!

The scooter is powered by a powerful  52V 23Ah lithium battery   with a charging time of 9-10 hours (4-5 hours with 2 chargers), to achieve an impressive range of 65 Km .

A set of   10-inch hybrid pneumatic tire   and a spring suspension system  allow you to reach top speeds both on and off-road -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

A one-touch folding system on the Offroader  lets you fold the scooter quickly and effortlessly when you need to store it or put it in the trunk of a car. It also makes for quick and easy setup as you get ready to ride.



- scooter

- Charger

- Multiple tool


  • engine 2000W (1000W x 2)
    battery Lithium, 52V 23.4AH
    Max. speed 65 km/h
    Max range 65km
    weight 32 kg

    Wheel size

    10" hybrid tires
    brakes Hydraulic braking system with oil
    loading time 9-11 a.m
    4-5h with 2 chargers


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