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Commute in style with the beEasy 2.0 The 2.0  is a very powerful e-scooter that was developed by  two independent motors of 1,000 watts each   for a total power of 2,000 watts. Because the motors are independent, you can switch between them to save the battery . You can also run them simultaneously if you have a  Speed boost up to 65KM/H need.

The scooter is powered by a powerful  52V 23Ah lithium battery   powered with a charge time of 9-10 hours (4-5 hours with 2 chargers) to achieve an impressive range of 40 miles.

A set  10 inch hybrid pneumatic tires  and 6 front shock absorbers let you reach top speeds both on and off-road. The coupling of these two features gives the scooter excellent shock absorption capabilities to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride to allow.

A one-touch folding system on the beEasy 2.0  lets you fold the scooter quickly and effortlessly when you need to store it or put it in the trunk of a car. It also takes care of it for quick and easy setup as you get ready to ride.

Available with seat or without seat.


- scooter

- Charger

- Multiple tool

beEasy 2.0

  • engine 2000W (1000W x 2)
    battery Lithium, 52V, 23.4AH
    Max range 65KM
    Max. speed 65KM/H
    weight 32KG
    Wheel size 10" pneumatic tires
    brakes Disc brake front and rear
    loading time 10-12 hours
    4-5 with 2 chargers


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