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Our new beast.


It is equipped with dual 2400W brushless motors. Add to this spectacular specification the top speed of up to 120 km/h, making it one of the fastest non-racing scooters in the world!

The Beeast has a convenient throttle, front and rear suspension and a safe braking system with super hydraulic front and rear brakes (NUTT). Its 40 Ah lithium battery allows it to cover long distances on a single charge.


The Beeast  comes equipped with a pre-installed steering damper, responsive throttle, coil spring front and rear suspensions and a secure braking system with NUTT hydraulic front and rear brakes.

Each motor is 2400 watts, which makes 4800 watts in a scooter. (This is resting watts NOT max output watts)


The Beeast is not your average scooter. The scooter's dual mode provides short-distance, low-speed range for typical journeys and long-distance, high-speed range for longer journeys. Its 40 Ah lithium-ion battery ensures that you don't run out of energy, even on long journeys. The Beeast is equipped with 2 charging sockets to avoid long charging times.


The super LED lights with remote control and multiple modes, an intelligent controller, a well-built aluminum alloy frame, an upgraded large deck for rider comfort are just some of the worthy attractions that really make the Beeast  stand out .

With a top speed of 120Km/h  and a maximum range of 60 km per charge, the Beeast is not only one of the fastest electric scooters on the market; It is certainly the smoothest and best looking scooter in its class.

If you want to cruise around town in comfort and style, commute around town, or just want to explore some trails, the Beeast is surely the best all-round scooter for you.



- scooter

- Charger

- Multiple tool


  • engine 4800W (2400W x 2)
    battery Lithium, 60V, 40AH
    Max. speed 120 km/h
    Max range 60KM
    weight 53KG
    Wheel size 11" off-road pneumatic tires
    brakes Front and rear hydraulic
    NUTT disc brake with oil
    Loading time  10-12 hours
    5-6 hours with 2nd charger


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