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The beE-Chopper electric scooter has strong wheels and a sturdy yet elegant construction. It includes a silent motor, a start button, and front and rear brakes. The scooter works like a normal scooter or a motorcycle. You turn the lever and drive off.

Cheap, quiet and environmentally friendly driving

You don't have to worry about fuel (or exhaust fumes) as this new technology works entirely on electricity. The eco-friendly and quiet scooter works entirely with battery and can be easily charged in the socket. You also save on fuel costs!

Thanks to the particularly powerful motor (2000 W), the scooter reaches a speed of 45 km / h, so you can climb slopes of up to 20% and travel up to 60 km on one charge. In addition, er in only takes 4 to 6 hours to be fully charged! You can ride it practically anywhere as the scooter is splashproof, dustproof and suitable for use in even the most extreme temperatures.

 Elegant and efficient design

The beE chopper scooter is characterized by its exclusive design. A super hip electric scooter that draws a lot of admiring looks!

Can be adapted to be driven without a license.

beE chopper

  • engine 2000W
    battery Lithium, 60V 20Ah
    Max. speed 70KM/H
    Max range 60KM
    weight 82KG
    Wheel size Front: 21 inches
    Rear: 19 inches
    brakes Hydraulic disc brake
    loading time 4-6 hours




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